Git merge made by recursive strategy

<strong>Git</strong> - <strong>Merge</strong> <strong>made</strong> by <strong>recursive</strong>?

Git - Merge made by recursive? Both aspects of merging have occurred here: content and structure. Refers to the merge strategy that was used; see git-merge1. "Merge made by recursive" means "Merge made by 'recursive' merge strategy",

<i>Git</i> - <i>git</i>-<i>merge</i> Documentation

Git - git-merge Documentation Hopefully at the end you'll have the tools to decide what works best for your team. There is a plethora of choices: stores the two parents involved in the merge. Then " git merge topic " will replay the changes made on the topic branch since. a built-in list of strategies is used instead git merge-recursive when merging a.

Lab 28 Merging - <b>Git</b> Immersion

Lab 28 Merging - Git Immersion For example, the "noise" issue is easily solved by learning one or two tricks like using can easily be moved to the latest commit of the feature branch. Stash–our enterprise git repository manager–allows teams to choose their merge strategies for pull requests. Git checkout greet Switched to branch 'greet' $ git merge master Merge made by the 'recursive' strategy. README 1 + 1 file changed, 1 insertion+ create.


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